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Beyond Our Sight

Beyond Our Sight

written by: Marshall Hughes



Scientific Reality
BANG, subatomic particles and electromagnetism ignite
Generating the building blocks of life bound by pure light
Creating our observable universe, what a wonderful sight.
But question, how the cosmos can be so huge and so vast?
In the infinite expanse of space, are we a quantum reality?
To experience our dualistic journey through life and mortality.

Religious Reality
Genesis 1: In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth
Dividing light from dark, day from night, and water from land
The sun, moon, stars, seasons, days and years, life, all planned.
Despite theological variations across a different cultural divide
The world’s main religions rely on trust, faith, and self-control
With common themes such as one God and existence of the soul.

Spiritual Reality
See, towards the spirit world where entities continue to thrive
Is this the key to our ‘soul’ to experience love, loss and plight?
To pursue our journey to evolve in what is known as the afterlife.
Some say this passage is a natural progression of life after death
But dead or alive, we can learn and endure new spheres of reality
Through mind over matter, meditation, near-death or final mortality.

Natural Reality
Note, to the conscious observer, our natural world is truly mesmerising
A logical maze, nature by numbers, embracing the Fibonacci sequence
0, 1 + 1, 2 + 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610… such genius.
Arcs, spirals, petals, flowers, shells, ocean waves, and the universe itself
Believe it or not, follow the flow of nature’s code, a mathematical equation
By ‘God’ or ‘Creator’ or ‘Higher Order’ or ‘Force’ or mysterious emanation.

Socially Constructed Reality
Look, to understand our perception of reality, we must venture inside
Not out there at the physical or natural world, but here, in the mind
That sits in total darkness until photons of pure light intertwine.
Generating electromagnetic signals through billions of neurons
To create the images we see to provide clarity not confusion
It is a multi-sensory, technicolour show, what a fantastic illusion.

Three-Dimensional Reality
Observe, the materialistic world is full of unimaginable beauty
But restricted and trapped in our three-dimensional reality
With the fourth dimension of space-time, that is our actuality.
Look further, beyond, away from our conscious state of mind
It is hard to comprehend what we are not able to actually see
Dare to leave this physical reality behind and set yourself free.

Multi-Dimensional Reality
Stare in wonder, towards an existence beyond this materialistic realm
Outside the human body, weightless, space and time no longer assist
Like a seductive kiss, return to the light, how wonderful again to coexist.
The soul is free, without physical limitations, to develop, learn and grow
Reconnect to your original form; no past, no present, no future behold
Our experience of life and death, here and there, is a story to be told.

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