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written by: TM DiSarro



And now the party has begun
A grand affair for favorite ghosts
They take their seating one by one
Then toast their insane party host

A table set from days of old
Seething dust as memories
Faded linens laced with mold
Bleeding through her reveries

Music plays inside her head
Serenading tears and joys
Loud enough to raise the dead
Pretty people she’s destroyed

Husband one and two and three
Each one poisoned with a kiss
Anne Marie can plainly see
It’s only shadows that we miss

Sitting on her ragged chair
Pink tiara and tattered dress
It’s only her and her alone
Staring at her blank faced guests

She sees them as within a dream
A feast for phantoms one and all
Replaying like a movie scene
But in her joy she can’t recall

How invitations sealed and sent
Become as moths who lose their way
Never find their chosen home
Dying in the light of day

How time decays as human flesh
And why she doesn’t realize
The party ended years ago
When everybody was alive

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